Performance 1-3

What creates more dysforia than dragging as a cis-woman?

Osito Chulo and his Utopia working persona. How he would market himself if he didn't have to adapt to hegemonic client demands.

Em Phoenix is a sexworker since 10 years, and also a life-coach, a workshop facilitator and a writer. They co-write books and comics about Sexwork, and give workshops for sexworkers. Their performance today is called "Healing Process", and mix poetry, guided meditation and dance to talk about the pain of the stigma and the joy and relief that personal and societal healing could bring.

The poem for the performance

They called me a whore
Even before I began to work
When I had sex with someone else
And it hurt them.

They called me a whore
When I was passing by on the street
Refusing their offer to
Suck their dick for free.

They called me a whore
When they learned I began to work
Some cast me out
Others stayed, worried.

I heard colleagues call each other whores
With affection and care
With a taste of defiance
Maybe a drop of bitterness.

I called myself a whore
Like a Fuck You to society
A Fuck You to Patriarchy
I reclaimed it.

And my subconscious calls me a whore
When clients cross my boundaries
Because this whorophobia
I internalized it.

Being called a whore had been my greatest pride
And my greatest shame
Made me feel so empowered
And so powerless.

It made me feel so free
It made me feel so trapped
Brought me so much self-confidence
And so much self-doubt

I wonder how it would have been
To be sexually active
To walk in the street
To be a sexworker
In a world that would have never invented
The concept of the Whore.

The guided visualisation for the performance

Imagine that you can walk on the street without being catcalled ever again.
Imagine you will never be judged or seen as a curiosity for the number of people you had sex with. Imagine that you can mention being a sexworker to anyone, appartment owners, future employers, people you date, people you meet randomly, new friends, without being judged, asked intrusive questions, become a curiosity, lose an opportunity, or worst.
Imagine that if you are disrepected, stolen from, or assaulted at work, nobody would think that because you're a sexworker, it is not important or your fault.
That everybody knows what is your work and has a positive or neutral opinion about it.
Imagine that never again you will see whorophobic reactions in television.
Imagine that political decisions about sexwork are made in the real interest of sexworkers.
Imagine that it is clear for everyone that there are so many different sexworkers with different backgrounds, different needs.

Your body is your own.
Your sex life is your own.
You can be a sexworker and deserve safety, protection, respect, and agency.
Let this feeling of safety and freedom grows in your chest, like a warm bubble of light.
Then imagine it expands to all your body.
Enjoy how good it feels.
And now dance it.

Jade is the most transformist, poisonous, seductive, and contemptus version of Roc. He loves to fool you with her dances and take revenge on the injustices.

My mother always said that I was not going to be good for more than a
whore or a cashier, and she was quite right.
Being a whore is not as simple as people think, it's got that thing.
One has to know how to lead a double life,
how to seduce old men, how to reinvent oneself according to fashion,
to disassociate in the most intimate moments, to fake pleasure,
to price oneself and to lower it down according to need,
to change one's identity as one pleases,
be very very strategic, have high levels of intuition and a great
power of immediate
reaction to any unforeseen situation.
I don't regret earning my money by sucking older men's cocks
or fucking the ass of some repressed family dad.
I am incorporating the forbidden fantasy that he cannot manifest in
his hetero-normative Christian life.
I am a social worker who provides the community with the service of
I am capitalizing your fetishism towards me and charging you for the
damages of a life of objectification and exoticization.
Behind this whore, although your narrow mind does not allow you to
imagine it, there is a male body, which transforms, like a wolf under
a full moon, only to become your caprice.
This is my little revenge.
Emanzipate my sexualized body to put it up for sale
and never again
deliver it by obligation.